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for a better customer service solution.

See what the technology experts have to say.

Every day customers are prompted to Press 1 when they call for service. And odds are, your current IVR system includes such a prompt. It's inherent to customer service.

But let's think bigger!

Connecting with your customers should be easy. It should be easier for you to manage and even easier for your customers to engage. And that’s what Genesys does. Genesys develops the contact centre software that connects your people to your customers, across all digital channels and voice – easier, faster, better and more effectively.

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Ovum is a market-leading research and consulting business focused on helping digital service providers thrive in the connected digital economy. In other words, these guys know technology and the companies that create it.

Ovum produces a report each year that shows the best contact centre technology companies in a wide range of categories. See what Genesys won.

Right sized for what you need today and tomorrow. 

PureCloud software is a dedicated cloud call centre like no other (really).

For 20 - 2000 users, it is the silver lining for your business. It provides all the channels in one platform and enables you to scale up or down from a capabilities standpoint or a user standpoint.

No other solution can do what the PureCloud platform does. Or provide as much ROI. Literally. 

According to the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study, Genesys PureCloud solution breaks the mold with a three-year 571% ROI and payback in less than three months.

The best brands connect with Genesys

Genesys does customer service, exclusively. With class-leading applications that serve the best brands around the world (10,000 of them, in fact), more than 25 billion customer interactions benefit from Genesys technology.

“The great thing is we can use our Genesys platform to design, monitor, and tune customer journeys for a more consistent experience.”

See what the technology experts have to say.

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